Macedonians recharged

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It was the second time that the delegation from the Police Academy of Idrizovo visited the Law Enforcement School on 20th November 2017. This time border policing trainers were accompanied by the top students of the academy. Our school had prepared a comprehensive programme for the event in the frame of which the guest lecturer from the National University of Public Service talked about the Fundamental Integrated Border Management and the experts from IOM introduced the situation and rights of vulnerable persons. Besides, the teachers of the Law Enforcement School of Szeged held lectures on filtering foreign fighters, methods of weapon, drug and THB recognition and detection of smuggling and the rules of police measures during border protection. The theoretical component was followed by practice.

The event was opened by the headmasters of the two schools, Goce Bachanov and police colonel Dr Csaba Bardócz. This has been the second training of the year with Hungarian and Macedonian participants, as in May 2017 two of our teachers held trainings for some 600 Macedonian participants. As a result of the positive outcome of the training, this summer the two institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Owing to the success of the latest training, the two schools are planning to realize further programmes for 2018.