The “Airsoft” shooting range run by the Law Enforcement School of Szeged provides excellent professional and recreational trainings for all visitors

Contact – only in office hours: János Vígh +36 62 559 577 / 1405
Police officer and shooting range senior official János Vígh, instructor of the Department of Further and Adult Trainings offers the folloing trainings:

Team building recreational trainings:

  • team building possibilities for civilians, security firms and other companies;

  • virtual shooting programmes;

  • group and individual trainings;

  • individual accuracy programmes;

  • individual speed tests;

  • speed and accuracy tests.

Further traings for police units:

  • secure and professional handling of “Airsoft” handgunds and machine guns;

  • practice the correct holding of guns;

  • improvement of tactical and technical skills;

  • improvement of shooting skills;

  • possibility to choose target individually;

  • virtual programmes for legal and professional using of guns;

  • shooting positions for duty tasks;

  • securing partners with guns;

  • movement with unloaded airsoft guns;

  • virtual programmes for possible lifelike scenes (in duty);

  • certified result video analysis of hits.

Shooting programmes

Virtual closed shooting ranges

airsoft 1

The virtual scene presents life-like shooting environment with five shooting posts and standard-sized target objects. Targets can be adjusted within 0-50 meters and set to move variably. Time limit can be set if desired.

Biatlon shooting post and practice

airsoft 2

The five-disc target used in biathlon provides sport fans and enthusiastic amateurs with a perfect opportunity to practise.

Special shooting range practice

Similar to the virtual closed shooting range but with an extended range of targets.

airsoft 3
airsoft 4
airsoft 5
airsoft 6
airsoft 7
airsoft 8

Hunter course

Contains two main programmes: skeet and wild boar hunt


airsoft 9

The shooter’s movement range imitates that of the real skeet. The parameters of the practice are identical with the approved standards. The hit skeet emits colorful smoke. Shooters can choose other targets as well, such as gas barrels that explode when shot.

Wild boar hunt

airsoft 10

The practice simulates forest environment with bushes, trees and randomly appearing wild boars that can be wounded or killed.

Video scenes

Shooters can select from various scenes including “indoor”, ”chase”, “funny” and “forest”, etc.. At the different posts we have a lot of information at disposal. With the edge mode detection we can see as the shot hits the target. There is a feedback signal which boosts the shooting experience. Non-linear progress of the combat is realized by multi-camera footages.

airsoft 11
airsoft 12

3D scenes

The modern 3D scenes imitate forest field fights, street fights, indoor combats and futuristic clashes. The player advances randomly on a pre-planned route (forest, city, building). The number of enemies depends on the shooter’s skills and the level of difficulty set. Practically, we can follow progress with the camera that is moving with our perspective.

The changing of targets and terrain mocks reality.

Depending on the shooter’s skills we can modify the number of enemies, their activity and tactical refinement and weapons..

Fight in the forest

airsoft 13

Forest clearing with trees. Firefight with the enemy posing in the clearances, paths, at huts, etc.

Fight in the city

City environment with buildings and yards. Enemies appear at the corners then flee for shelter (yards, cars, passages, etc.).

Fight in the building

airsoft 15

Fight in the office. The shooter crosses the rooms, corridors, halls, etc. Enemies jump up from different shelters and flee for the next room.

Clash in the future

Futuristic scenes. Enemies are human-like monsters and robots.

Playful practice

The Wild West

Small town in the Wild West invaded by a group of desperados. The ganger must be defeated. Re-install order in the town!


airsoft 17

Don’t disturb the hamsters during their siesta. If you do, be prepared to fight against them. You must do your best in order to escape.

Attack of the ducks

The beach is invaded by ducks. Seize your rifle and put an end to the frenzy!

Have fun and be safe!
Airsoft shooting range
Law Enforcement School of Szeged

Shooting Range roules and safety conditions

Shooting range policy

The airsoft shooting range is run by the Law Enforcement School of Szeged at 14 Bajai út, Szeged 6728

  • On the shooting range shooting is allowed to be carried out only with MP-5 A2TL machine gun, AK-105 rifle, SVD hunting rifle, 6mm Meu Tan R (Beretta) and 1911 handgun airsoft weapons and their corresponding ammunition.

  • 3 shooting positions can be used on the shooting range. When shooting requires leaving the shooting position it has to be carried out in compliance with the safety standards according to the instructions of the Range Officer.

  • Shooting can be carried out in the presence of a Range Officer.

  • Participants on the shooting range have to follow the instructions of the Range Officer!

  • Projectile guns are strictly forbidden on the shooting range!

  • Airsoft weapons that are not being used have to be stored at the designated place.

  • Airsoft weapons can be loaded at the firing line before starting the shooting and on the clear instruction of the Range Officer (airsoft weapon load!).

  • Targets can only be shot at on the shooting range!

  • Shooting on the move is forbidden!

  • Leaving the firing line with a loaded weapon is strictly forbidden!

  • During shooting, reloading, removing obstacles keep the muzzle pointed downrange at all times. Handing over weapons their loaded or unloaded state has to be reported.

  • Never extend any part of your body forward of the firing line for any reason. Going in front of the firing line is allowed with the permission of the Range Officer! When you finish shooting, unload and re-case your firearm before leaving the shooting position.

  • Handing over loaded firearms or leaving it unguarded is forbidden!

  • Inside the range only shooters and the Range Officer are allowed to stay.

  • Range officers are authorized to remove any shooter whose behaviour is detrimental to the safe operations of any of the ranges. Commands issued by any Range Officer must be followed immediately. Individuals displaying the effects of, or thought to be under the influence of, drugs or alcohol will be prohibited from using any of the ranges.

  • Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the range. First aid kit has to be kept at the range!

  • Shooting can be carried out after safety rules and weapon handling have been introduced. In case of civilians a written declaration has to be completed!

  • Shooters must be over 18 years of age!

  • Using the range free of charge is allowed only with the permission of the headmaster.

  • Admission charge: Airsoft range 3.000. -Ft/person/hour, including 100 grams airsoft ammunition. Any further 100 grams ammunition cots 600 Ft.

Szeged, 8 October 2014.
police colonel Csaba Bardócz dr.
police chief counsellor