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Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the homepage of the Law Enforcement School of Szeged. Our school is the only one on the southeast part of the country that offers police training with the fundamental task of providing basic and further training for the Executive Staff, police training and operating the vocational training system.

Since 1986 we have given generations of honest and patriotic policemen to the country. We aim at providing our students with knowledge that – beyond the compulsory curricula – broadens their horizons. This effort is supported by the professional seminar system, our international relationships and our highly qualified teacher staff.

Regarding public order protection and border policing training, the Law Enforcement School of Szeged plays a prominent role not only in the region but also in the country. It is an integral part of the city’s educational, professional and public life. The further possibilities for self-improvement are provided by our co-operation with the city’s management, the County Police Headquarters and the University of Szeged.

Our school puts particular emphasis on the students’ intellectual and physical improvement, on bringing forward and consolidating the expected competences, and accomplishing the formerly defined training objectives. In accordance with the public demand attached to the image of a modern policeman foreign language training is of utmost importance.

police colonel Csaba Bardócz dr.
police chief counsellor

It is a proper indicator of our aspiration for high quality that in 2009 the Law Enforcement School of Szeged started to use the third improved version of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to grant the increasing contentedness of the clients and staff.

I am convinced that in the 21st century one of the key elements of competitiveness is having a multi pillar system. Thus the Law Enforcement School of Szeged – apart from its basic activity – takes part in numerous initiations that adequately serve the interests of law enforcement organizations and police training in the long run.

Our school manages a good number of international co-operations with the member states of the European Union and third countries. We have also hosted trainings for Frontex which provide opportunity to meet the European public opinion and expand the professional and language command of our students. Here operates the only Border Guard Training Centre in the country, the key element in the further training of border guards.

There is a significant bilateral cooperation with the Avram Iancu Border Guard School and the Vasile Lascar Police Agent School in Campina. As a result of our deliberate work, apart from the study trips we have pursued joint tenders of hundreds of thousands of euros with the institution in Nagyvárad. We tend important partnership with the Katowice Police School as well. Supported by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe we have formed good relationship with the Serbian Sremska Kamenica Police Training School, the Police in Kosovo and the Skopje Police Academy in Macedonia.

Along the local and European Union laws and internal regulations the Law Enforcement School of Szeged operating a deliberately formed cooperation system, is a reliable partner to clients, students and staff.

You are welcome to browse our homepage more thoroughly and learn more about our school and training.

Yours faithfully,

police colonel Csaba Bardócz dr.
police chief counsellor

Szeged, 10 May, 2016

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